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Become part of the Public Insight Network and join 90,000 people like you who help improve, deepen and diversify reporting at Harvest Public Media, American Public Media and our partner newsrooms.

We'll ask you to share your observations, insights and experience. We then pass on your information to reporters and editors who may follow up with a request for more information, or perhaps an interview. Or, with your permission, they may post your insights directly to the web.
It's a great way to share what you know. So open up. And add your insight to the news coverage that millions of people count on every day.



Thanks to digital technology, our editors, reporters and producers can quickly find and learn from thousands of people who have experience or knowledge on a story we are covering. We call this the Public Insight Network, and it relies on people like you — our public sources.

You have knowledge and insights that can help us cover food and fuel issues in greater depth and uncover stories we might not otherwise find. 
Some public sources end up in stories on air, in print or online. Others prefer to just help us get at the heart of a story. Nothing you share with us is ever published without your explicit permission. So, please help us create the great stories that make you value the news.

What you can expect by becoming a public source

  • E-mails asking for your insight on issues we plan to cover — you respond only if you have knowledge, or forward to a friend with relevant experience in the topic.
  • An occasional follow-up call or e-mail to get more information, if we follow a lead you provide. 
  • Confidentiality: We won't quote you without your permission See privacy policy.
  • An open line for you to tell Harvest Public Media or our newsrooms and programs what stories are important to you, your family and your community and help us set our coverage priorities.
  • An occasional invitation to Public Insight Network meetings in your area.
  • No spam, marketing calls, or requests for money — your information is private and is not shared outside of a small circle of trusted journalists.
  • You may be called on to help with national stories through American Public Media programs, such as Marketplace, local newsrooms such as MPR News orpartner newsrooms around the country.

Your help will make the news better

  • By giving our journalists access to first-person information and sources, new story ideas, a wider range of perspectives and information that helps us identify under-covered or emerging issues.
  • By broadening our network of sources and strengthening our connections with diverse people nationally and regionally.
  • By helping us create deeper and more relevant reporting based on a diverse range of sources.


 Join the Public Insight Network


Harvest Public Media is a reporting collaboration focused on issues of food, fuel and field. Based at KCUR in Kansas City, Harvest covers these agriculture-related topics through an expanding network of reporters and partner stations throughout the Midwest.



Global demand for food and fuel is rising, and the push and pull for resources has serious ramifications for all of us. We all eat, so we all have a stake in how our food is produced. We examine issues like climate change, food safety, biofuel production, animal welfare, water quality, and sustainability with in-depth and unbiased reporting. See a list of the journalism awards we've won.



Most Harvest Public Media stories begin with radio — regular reports are aired on our member stations in the Midwest. Harvest also explores issues through online analyses, television documentaries, video, and on social media. We are committed to the highest journalistic standards. Click here to read our ethics policy.



Harvest Public Media is a Local Journalism Center launched in 2010 with the support of a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Today, the collaboration is supported by the Harvest Public Media partner stations, as well as by media outlets that pay for access to Harvest Public Media's work. In the future, we hope to also incorporate funding contributions from underwriters and individuals.



KCUR in Kansas City (lead station); Iowa Public Radio; NET, which operates public TV and radio networks statewide in Nebraska; KBIA in Columbia, Mo.; and KUNC in Greeley, Colo.



NET Nebraska, KCPT in Kansas City, and Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver comprise the Harvest Public Media Video Unit.


High Plains Public Radio/KANZ in Garden City, Kan.; Kansas Public Radio/KANU in Lawrence; KMUW in Wichita, Kan.; WFIU/Earth Eats in Bloomington, Ind.; KVNO in Omaha, Neb.; Prairie Public Broadcasting in Fargo, N.D.; Tri States Public Radio in Macomb, Ill.; WVIK, Quad Cities in Rock Island, Ill.; and KSMU in Springfield, Mo.


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By email: editor@harvestpublicmedia.org

By phone: 816-235-2828

By fax: 816-235-2865

By mail: c/o KCUR

4825 Troost, Suite 202

Kansas City, MO 64110


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