An 'inspired' approach to pork marketing

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Reporter, Iowa Public Radio
Kathleen Masterson was a Harvest reporter, based in Ames, Iowa, from 2010 to spring 2012.

In effort to boost flat sales, the pork industry has introduced a new slogan: “Pork, Be Inspired.”

The industry also has registered the word, “PORK,” as a trademark brand name. 

It was time for a change, said Ceci Snyder, vice president of domestic marketing for the National Pork Board.

“Producers understood we needed to make changes to engage consumer, in more emotional way,” Snyder said.

The industry’s “Other White Meat” slogan, which has been used for more than two decades ago, was an attempt to showcase the health aspects of pork – and compete with chicken. It will now be used  mainly in an educational role.

The new marketing slogan, introduced March 4, is upfront and unapologetic, Snyder said. And it promotes the versatility of the meat.

“Pork, Be Inspired” comes after two years of market research.  An accompanying advertising campaign this year will cost $11 million, more than double what the industry spent last year.

Though meat prices have been rising, the pork industry is angling to win more consumers despite the tough economy. 

About 20 percent of U.S. pork is exported, and Snyder said market research indicates the new slogan

Works well with Spanish-speaking consumers.

“The Mexican market is very important for U.S. pork producers,” she said, also noting that starting in April Spanish-language ads will run in San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles.