Calorie-counting rule to leave out movie theaters

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Donna Vestal is the supervising editor of Harvest Public Media, based at KCUR in Kansas City.

The New York Times reports that a proposed federal rule requiring restaurants and other businesses that serve food to post calorie counts will not apply to movie theaters.

The proposed rules, which were to be made public by the Food and Drug Administration on April 1, spell out how the law would be applied and would take the place of a grab bag of menu labeling laws that already exist around the country. A preliminary FDA document on the rules released last summer would have included movie theaters, The Times said.

The agency will take feedback on the rules before finishing them, hopefully. They are expected to go into effect some time next year.

The movie industry had pushed hard to be exempt from the new rules, The Times said, noting that a large popcorn and soda at the theater can contain a day’s worth of calories for many people.