Dry Season: The Texas Drought of 2011

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Donna Vestal is the supervising editor of Harvest Public Media, based at KCUR in Kansas City.

Photographer Jay Janner at The Statesmen newspaper in Austin, Texas, has put together a remarkable collection of photographs documenting the impact of the severe drought in Texas.

In a story accompanying the photos, Brenda Bell writes:

Out here, the brutality of the drought is measured not in annoying water restrictions or water pipes bursting in the dessicated ground — all now commonplace in Texas cities and towns — but threatened livelihoods, and the waning of life itself.

Livestock and agricultural losses are already estimated at $5.2 billion, and expected to rise. Stock tanks have dried up, hungry cattle are being rushed to market, crops plowed under. Wildfires have torched more than 3.4 million acres; deer are abandoning their young; oak trees that have weathered many a hot summer are fading.


Click here to view the pictures on the newspaper's Collective Vision blog.