How to turn manure into a Twitter hashtag

You can #hashtag pretty much anything on Twitter. As I write, the trending topics for tweeters in The United States include #wiunion, #statehouse and #somali. Just a few issues plucked straight out of the headlines.

On last week’s Field Notes, our topic was manure on the farm. On this episode, I was able to cover just the tip of the manure pile, but I wanted the conversation to continue.  The #hashtag is a great place to keep radio magic happening long after it is broadcast on old-fashioned airwaves.

This week marked the first official #manuremonday on Twitter.  It’s everything you’d think it would be: a Twitter feed all about what happens after animals are fed. Why Monday? Well, it sounds better than #turdtuesday.

Consider #manuremonday a time to trade manure fertilizer secrets and get to know other manure users. Big thanks to @LPELC, otherwise known as University of Nebraska’s Jill Heemstra, for co-founding what we hope will be a Monday morning Twitter tradition.