Battling the river — and more

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(Photo by Jessica Naudziunas/Harvest Public Media)

This week on Field Notes, a return to southeast Missouri to answer a few questions.

Two weeks ago, I brought you the story of the flooding that resulted when the levee there was blasted open, allowing Mississippi River water to mingle and then take over valuable farmland.

Now that the initial shock is over, and Mississippi County farmers are deciding on their uncertain future, it’s time to get practical.

First, when can farmers go back to work?

Then, once and if the water recedes, what will the land look like?

When will the levee repair work begin?

The last question is a tough one. If the land is ruined, and the levees aren’t repaired, what will become of the the floodplain farmland in southeast Missouri?

Listen for the answers and what’s next for flood victims in Mississippi County.