Checking out MyPlate

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Meet MyPlate, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's new face for healthy eating.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture welcomed summer with “MyPlate.”

It’s meant to be the new face of health eating and takes the place of the ubiquitous Food Pyramid.

The visual is four sections on a plate comprised of vegetables and grains, with fruits and proteins representing the smallest portions.

The USDA message is boiled down to: don’t eat too much and vary your meal choices.

For your viewing pleasure, we reference this video on the show.

But, American’s can be picky eaters and there’s a potential marketing boost on the line, too.

So, we invited representatives from all walks of the food industry, and on this episode you’ll hear what the beef, fruit and vegetable, farming and nutrition communities think about the icon that may shape the way Americans eat for years to come.

First, a little homework. Check out the MyPlate image HERE. Then, browse through this brief history of USDA Food Guidelines.