My Farm Roots
Kari Williams

My Farm Roots 2014

In Farm Country, Roots Run Deep

In the Midwest, the land influences us every day.

Whether your roots here stretch back decades or days, whether your family homesteaded or you’re a recent immigrant, whether you grew up milking cows or always wanted to, living in farm country has profoundly affected you and your connections to the land help make you who you are.

From Colorado cowboys to Illinois corn growers to Missouri dairymen, the farmers and ranchers of the Midwest spend their days growing, feeding and harvesting an American crop. Tiny organic farmers nurture new businesses, and centuries-old farming communities withstand the tests of time.

So, in the midst of the 21st century, what is farm country? Where do today’s farmers and ranchers come from and what is important to them? What holds farmers to the land and why do those bonds break?

Harvest Public Media wants to understand the story of the Midwest and the people who live here. We want to explore what makes farm country special and we want to learn about the people that built America’s breadbasket and the people who keep it strong. Because when you hail from farm country, roots run deep.

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We all have farm country connections and we want to explore what that looks, sounds and feels like. You’ll hear about young professionals relying on life lessons they learned as children visiting their grandparents’ farms and about farmers who just can’t drag themselves away from the land. You’ll hear stories about why the dirt is more than just soil and why these acres are important.

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