Watching Our Water
Nebraska farm

Watching Our Water

The Challenge To Keep It Clean

How does pristine water running off of snowpack high in the Rocky Mountains end up as a floating chemical ‘dead-zone’ in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico?

“Watching Our Water,” a TV program and a series of radio and online reports from Harvest Public Media, explores that question and the role of agriculture in our supply of clean water. Because on top of worrying about the question of quantity, residents in farm country also worry about the quality of their fresh water supply.

Fanning out across the West and Midwest, Harvest reporters illuminate the challenges facing farmers, scientists and engineers. We’ll examine how chemicals and nutrients seep into fresh water, the dangers that poses, and what can be done about it.

The “Watching our Water” public television program is a production of the Harvest Public Media Video Unit at NET in Nebraska, with production partners KCPT in Kansas City and Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver, Colorado. It is produced with support from CPB, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


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Harvest Public Media reporters and producers traveled all over the Midwest and talked with national experts to get the facts on what impacts our water supply. Check out all of our reporting, and where it came from: