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Monarch butterflies are disappearing. But scientists aren't certain on what's causing them to vanish.

Schools are responsible for feeding millions of kids. But many schools like the equipment needed to make healthy food...or at least healthy food that tastes good.

Every spring farmers and ranchers intentionally burn their fields to jumpstart the natural process of renewal. But those fires can be dangerous. That’s why researchers in Nebraska are designing a new drone that starts fires, and it may help protect people and the environment.

The moo of a cow is the quintessential farm sound. But what are cows saying with that moo? Researchers are trying to find out.

At taditional rattlesnake roundups, hunters (very carefully) bring in thousands of snakes from the surrounding dry scrubland.

Schools across the U.S. served more than 5 billion meals in the national school lunch program to millions of students last year. Each one of the meals has to meet federal rules for nutrition. Now, those rules are up for debate and Congress could impose changes on the cafeteria.

When a big food company builds a factory, it doesn’t just bring in new industry. Farmers change what they grow, expand their herds and buy new land.

After months of calculations, research and preparation, farmers across the Midwest are in their fields making their bets on what will be profitable this year.

Many Midwest farmers say free trade deals like the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership will allow them to access a larger market and end up with more profit. 

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