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Plants are taking in more carbon dioxide during the growing season and giving off more carbon in the fall and winter. Recent research shows the massive corn crop in the Corn Belt may be contributing to that deeper breath.

After official found avian flu in small flocks of chickens in the Pacific Northwest, a number of countries banned the import of some or all U.S. Poultry no cases of the disease have been found in commercial flocks, the poultry industry is watching. 

Hemp, a variety of cannabis, is used in everything from soap to medication. But scientists say more research is needed to determine other benefits of cultivating the plant.

With researchers on a mission to back up the genetic material of the plants and animals that the nation’s food supply depends on, a pair of Colorado ranchers are joining in and trying to ensure the future of the rare Black Welsh Mountain sheep.

Ranchers are required to pay into the beef checkoff fund each time they sell an animal. But many object to what they claim is opaque oversight of the way their money is spent.

As consumers look for products without genetically modified ingredients, food companies are scrambling to keep up with demand. And that has some looking for Non-GMO labels for their products.

Farmers hope a newly approved herbicide will give them ammunition in fighting herbicide-resistant "superweeds." But if they overuse it, it could help create weeds no chemical can kill. 

New research from the EPA questions the value of neonicotinoids, a common class of pesticides that some researchers suspect is contributing to large-scale bee die-offs. 

States like Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa are pitching themselves as a dairy heaven. For the Midwest, an influx of dairies isn’t just about milk. It’s about pumping dollars into the rural economy.

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