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While they have always made special appearances on many American tables around the holidays, year-round demand for sweet potatoes has grown.

There is a downside to record-breaking harvests. Prices for commodities like corn and wheat are at their lowest point in a decade. Farm lenders expect fewer producers will be able to pay back their loans. What does that mean for the farm economy? 

After years of bitter political fights, federal rules aimed at making school lunches more nutritious took effect in 2012. Some administrators and students have since warmed to the guidelines, though influential lawmakers are urging the Trump Administration to lead a repeal.

In an effort to cut human infections resistant to treatment by antibiotics, federal regulators are tightening restrictions on how the drugs are used on farms. But questions remain.

Prescription painkillers and heroin are fueling a rise in drug addiction and overdoses in communities across the country, killing tens of thousands of people each year. Research shows some of America’s most rural areas are particularly at-risk for opioid addiction and abuse, and many experts expect the problem to only get worse.

Losing a big company leaves an economic scar on a city. But in Sidney, Nebraska, nearly one-third of the city works at the headquarters of the outdoor retailer, Cabela’s. Residents are wondering what’s next when Cabela’s merges with a competitor.

Millions of people play fantasy football in order to get closer to their favorite team. High schoolers interested in farming have their own game to learn more about a potential career.

An ethanol spill occurs every two days on average in the Midwest, the worst of which result in contamination of water supplies, major fish kills, loss of life and millions of dollars of damage.

When a new meat plant comes to town, it can mean big business. But it also often brings with it concerns about environmental impact.

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