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With Roundup Ready One coming off-patent, many universities see an opportunity for generic versions.

With the value of farmland near its peak but the price of commodities dropping, many farmers are pushing against high property taxes.

The traditional Thanksgiving Day meal might be a belt-buster, but it won't bust your carbon footprint score. 

Green Bean Casserole turns 60 this year, with its popularity and place in pop culture secure. 

From food companies to farm organizations, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is drawing interest from all corners of the U.S. agriculture industry.

The rural areas in the U.S. where immigrant workers that pick crops like cotton and melons find work often lack the social services and affordable housing vital to integrating new arrivals into a community. 

Monarch butterflies, an American icon, are disappearing at such an alarming rate they may be listed as an endangered species.

A computer system envisioned a decade ago to modernize how the U.S. government pays farmers and ranchers is $140 million over budget, two years overdue and just 20 percent operational.

From Starbucks to McDonald's, several large food companies announced they plan to move to providing cage-free eggs, a victory for animal welfare advocates who have pushed for changes for years.

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