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Though many university programs in agriculture see majority woman enrollment, many women find that male relatives are the ones who inherity the family farm.

With urban farms and community gardens popping up all over the country, researchers are trying to get a handle on their benefits. 

Wither fewer and fewer people required to run a modern farm, rural towns are struggling with a loss of farm jobs. That has many targeting new businesses in an effort to survive.

Some chickens are for meat; some lay eggs; some are just pets. Regardless, chickens are starting to get their due for their looks in local beauty contests.

Scientists are cracking the code of life. They can copy and paste DNA to make disease-resistant pigs, or plants that kill pesky insects. But as science surges ahead, regulators are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation. 

Massive bison herds used to be a staple of the Great Plains. That is until we almost hunted them out of existence. Now, with a new designation as the country's national mammal, bison ranchers argue that if we truly want to bring the animals back, we have to eat them.

One of the smallest states in the country is sending shock waves through the food system and farm country.  On July 1, a controversial law goes into effect in Vermont that requires special labels on foods that contain genetically-modified ingredients. Because the U.S. Congress couldn’t agree on a plan, Vermont’s law becomes the de-facto national standard. At least, for now.

The native black chokeberry grows well in the Midwest. It's high in antioxidants, certain vitamins and minerals, and fiber, leading some farmers to think it could be part of a health food craze.

A giant snow goose population is destroying the birds' breeding grounds in the arctic and subarctic. Largely to blame? Farmland creating a flyway cafeteria for the birds as they migrate to and from Canada. 

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