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Low crop prices have many Midwest wheat and corn farmers looking for ways to supplement their incomes. One possibility for conventional farmers: producing food for farmers markets.

For many young people trying to start their own farm, student debt can put their dreams on hold.

United And Divided: In rural Fort Morgan, Colorado, diversity is a way of life.

A federal investigation and lawsuits over the alleged embezzlement of $2.6 million dollars from an obscure Oklahoma board that promotes the beef industry add to questions about oversight of a national program funded by fees charged to ordinary farmers and ranchers

A group of Nebraska landowners sued to block the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline from seizing land by eminent domain. They have pledged to revive their fight, as the pipeline plans are revived.

Unstable milk prices that rarely get very high have forced most dairies to grow their herds to make money on volume. Today, farmers with small dairy herds are making up artisan cheeses, which they hope can keep them in business.

Dairy farmers say the makers of plant-based milks – like almond milk, soy milk and a long list of other varieties – are stealing away their customers. And they’d like the federal government to back them up.

New technology that allows scientists to alter plants more precisely and more cheaply is taking genetically engineered plants from the field to the kitchen. 

While they have always made special appearances on many American tables around the holidays, year-round demand for sweet potatoes has grown.

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