Science of the Seed
Researchers study corn in rooftop greenhouses on Monsanto's campus near St. Louis, Mo. (Amy Matyer/Harvest Public Media)

Science of the Seed


The Hunt for Higher Yields

Though just a tiny speck in size, the humble seed is the root of all grain production, and how a seed is made has vast implications for the kind of crop a farmer harvests.

The vast majority of the corn and soybeans in this country come from seeds that have been genetically modified – a controversial technology that after 30 years continues to be a newsmaker.

In this special report, we dive deep into the science of the seed. We explore the beginnings of genetic modification and how control of the technology is changing as patents expire. And we look to the future, where scientists and farmers alike are hoping to find the perfect seed that creates the perfect plant.

The tiny seed: a big deal, from farm to table.